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The evidence for early intervention is clear. Give your child the best possible springboard into school by building their foundations in literacy and numeracy.

Pre-Primary Tutoring Gosford
Pre-Pimary English

Early preparation improves performance. Literacy in early childhood provides an enormous boost in learning, motivation, and engagement and helps your child to create a strong sense of identity and self esteem.

Using our structured, play and sensory based approach, students gain massive advantage and independence in their early learning tools. Harness their natural curiosity and confidence in learning to develop phonemic awareness and communication skills.

Pre-Primary Tutoring Gosford
Pre-Primary Maths

Numeracy is becoming increasingly important in the modern world. Help your child develop a positive attitude and an appreciation for Maths right from the start.

By consciously recognising the numbers in their everyday environment, students develop confidence and curiosity and learn how to use numbers to quantify their world and solve practical problems.

Parent Information

Three levels of support to transform your child’s education and place them on the pathway to success.

Effortless Skills Syllabus Independence Elite Performance
Detailed Diagnostic Assessments
Independent Learning Plans
Weekly Instruction
Homework & Marking
Weekly Feedback through Parent App
Clear Milestones & Certificates of Achievement
Additional Syllabus Support for School Topics
Assessment Analysis & Planning
Goal Setting, Planning & Motivational Materials
Unlimited Email Support
Additional Workshops & Short Courses
Additional Consultations & Tutor Support
Access to Scholarship, Mentoring & Employment Programs