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To get the most out of high school and the HSC, students need to develop habits and routines that lead to success. Learn how to look beyond the marks at what is really important in helping your child achieve their goals.

Early High School Maths in Gosford
Early High School Maths

A lack of structure in Primary school can often hide a multitude of weaknesses in Maths. Make sure that your child thrives in High School by ensuring that they are confident in their calculation skills, algorithms, fractions and algebra.

Establish strong habits now in study and revision that ensures maximum retention and confidence. Maths should be effortless. It can be easy if you follow simple principles and have a strong foundation.

Transition Maths Tutoring in Gosford
Transition Maths

Maths has a multitude of benefits in life after school. It is a prerequisite for most business and science courses at university and can be hugely beneficial in the workplace. However, less and less students are feeling confident in their ability. More and more students are dropping out or being forced into lower classes.

Help your child move against the trend by being better prepared and stronger in their fundamental skills. Reduce stress by bringing forward key aspects of the syllabus to ensure that you are confident and in control. Increase motivation and potential through mastery and application. Learn permanent skills and never worry about your ability again.

Early High School English tutoring in Gosford
Early High School English

Every child should feel confident in their ability to read and express themselves. Confidence in English helps support learning and self esteem. Many students struggle though due to a lack of structure and process.

Help your child learn the processes to break down and organise tasks, evaluate information, and learn about the world. Students who thrive in English tend to report much higher levels of satisfaction with school and in their own ability. Make learning easier and study more enjoyable by improving fundamental skills.

Transition English tutoring in Gosford
Transition English

English forms the foundation for all learning and creativity. It helps us to understand the world and each other more. It can help us express ourselves and communicate more effectively. No matter what path we choose in life, strong English skills can enhance and improve our potential and influence.

Help your child develop confidence in this complex and challenging area. Help them learn to express themselves clearly and accurately. Help them learn to read and think critically. Take pressure off and help them prepare for Year 11 by mastering the fundamental skills and techniques that will be used in their assessments. Early preparation has multiple benefits in reducing stress and creating opportunity.

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Three levels of support to transform your child’s education and place them on the pathway to success.

Effortless Skills Syllabus Independence Elite Performance
Detailed Diagnostic Assessments
Independent Learning Plans
Weekly Instruction
Homework & Marking
Weekly Feedback through Parent App
Clear Milestones & Certificates of Achievement
Additional Syllabus Support for School Topics
Assessment Analysis & Planning
Goal Setting, Planning & Motivational Materials
Unlimited Email Support
Additional Workshops & Short Courses
Additional Consultations & Tutor Support
Access to Scholarship, Mentoring & Employment Programs