Diagnostic Assessment

Is your child struggling at school or seeking to challenge themselves academically? Book a consultation to see how Education First can help.

Before you arrive, we will send you a brief questionnaire about your child’s current needs and progress.

During our consultation, we will help you identify exactly what your child’s specific learning needs are and what is required to help your child achieve their goals. We will help you outline a specific learning plan tailored to their individual needs and give you a clear estimate of how long each learning milestone is likely to take. You and your child will have opportunities to ask any questions you may have during this meeting.

We will also explain how Education First can help your child develop the ability to build their confidence and thrive in the school environment.

For a small fee, you can also ask for a planning report outlining the steps that your child needs to focus on to achieve their best results.

Not ready for a consultation? Take online diagnostic test.