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Want to help us improve the lives of our students?

Creating joy through progress is the heart of everything we do

The welfare and progress of our students is what drives our passion and purpose. Their success is our success.

If you are people focused, outcomes driven, love working with individuals to help them achieve amazing results, and have a passion for learning and education, we would love to work with you.

Come prepared to explain why you love what you do and how you get results, and be prepared to learn and grow and contribute to developing potential in yourself and others.

Fixed mindsets and those not willing to grow or work with a team need not apply.

Our Benefits

Why Choose Education First?

Established Local Tutoring Centre

Operating since 1996, we have helped thousands of students to achieve their learning goals.

Centrally Located

You’ll find our tuition centre at our easy to access Gosford location.

Individual Learning Plans

By personalising your child’s learning, we offer so much more than a standard classroom experience.

Clear Expectations

Get total clarity on what you need, what you are working on, and what you are working towards.

A Fresh Approach

We don’t just rehash classroom lessons. We help our students develop real confidence and independence.

A Heart For Giving

Our business is committed to giving back to the local community and to the development of every child.

Available Positions

Passion, organisation, and a willingness to learn.

High School / HSC Maths Coach

You are a Master of Maths and passionate about helping others develop their ability. You are comfortable with the syllabus and know how to set out work and processes to achieve optimum results.

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High School / HSC English Coach

You are a Master Storyteller that can light up your student’s imaginations. You love helping your students see the bigger picture and learn how the skills and the texts that they are studying relate to their lives.

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Primary Maths Coach

You see the importance of Maths in the lives of your students. You have seen the issues that come when they graduate out of Primary school without a strong foundation.

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Primary English Coach

You are passionate about early literacy. You know that helping students feel confident in their ability to read, write and communicate is essential in helping them develop confidence and self-esteem.

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