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Welcome To Education First

Our purpose here is simple. We want to help your child thrive and love learning so that they can achieve their goals and take over the world.

We do this through a structured learning process involving diagnostic assessments, individual learning programs, school support, regular and timely feedback, and a constant focus on mastery and achievement.

Our goal is to give every child the education they deserve to help them build confidence and independence so that they feel empowered in setting high expectations for themselves and taking on big challenges.

We also have a focus on giving back, on the idea that our education is not just for us but to improve the lives of others as well. We believe that by raising our own standards we help others to raise theirs.

So welcome to Education First. We hope that you love your time here and that you find this experience the best educational experience that you have ever had and that it raises your expectations of what is possible.

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Our focus is on building independence through clear processes, regular feedback, and mastery of essential skills. See below for further information on why this is important and how it can save you time, money, and lead to outstanding results.

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The most important thing your child will ever learn

Back when I was in Year 10, my teachers taught me the greatest lesson that I ever learned as a student. They called a school assembly and spoke to us about our choices for our HSC and how to maximise our results.

They taught me a fundamental lesson that day about the power of consistency that I have never forgotten. The power of organising and reviewing your work on a regular basis and why that will always win over short periods of intense effort.

Key Transitions and Milestones (PDF)

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Foundation & Mastery: the secrets to unlimited potential

Have you ever wondered why some people are more confident than others? About what makes something difficult become easy?

My father in law is a genius. He excels in almost everything he does. He has helped renovate two homes that we have lived in and made an immeasurable impact on my family’s quality of life. I have watched him and helped him as best I could over the years and yet still, the simple act of painting a room or putting together a set of drawers raises my anxiety levels and creates enormous amounts of stress.

Student Learning State Hierarchy (PDF)

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Getting Clarity: How to know exactly what your child needs

How can you know exactly what your child needs? What precisely do they need to focus on right now to prepare them for the future and help them become more confident and independent?

These questions might seem obvious but often they are not. Too often we play chase the teacher or chase the marks instead of really identifying what is working and what is not. By identifying critical learning needs and prioritising what is most important, students are able to achieve far greater results with significantly less time and effort. By structuring their learning according to their individual needs, students are able to gain permanent improvement and long lasting success.

Learn exactly what you need to do to identify your child’s needs, where they need to go next, and how they can get there.

Individual Learning Plan Template (PDF)

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